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Beatles-world publicist publishes book on inner peace

Jennifer Vanderslice, who represents Beatles artist Shannon, and Beatles authors Garry Berman, Lanea Stagg, and Jude Southerland Kessler, recently set out on her own "trip to India" in search of peace. She spent 3 days at the non-speaking Trappist Monastery, the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, Kentucky. And she has written an e-book about the experience called "Journey Down the Abbey Road," now available as a free download on Kindle Books at Amazon .

The book is hardly what you'd expect. It isn't full of platitudes (though there are some things to mull over). It is full of gorgeous photos of the lovely Kentucky countryside, tongue-in-cheek wit, wry observations of the other participants at the monastery retreat, and private thoughts. It's a glimpse into the soul of Everyman (or Everywoman) who sets out to find peace...and finds it, along with a host of ticks, hicks, and hecklers.

Vanderslice is funny. She writes terse notes to self such as "Remember to chew your food." But she is also wise and well-partnered by the insights of Father Carlos (from the Philippines, so Vanderslice tells us) who hosts the retreat weekends. "Bitterness," Carlos informed the group the opening night of the retreat, "is the poison you drink in hopes the other man dies." And he asked participants, point-blank: "How can grace come upon you if you will not accept it?" Food for thought.

But this brief journal of one woman's trek into peace and quiet is not all reverence and awe. It's a very Lennonesque observation of life. "Wouldn't it be funny," Vanderslice writes of the non-talking weekend, "if they played silent movies here?"

In a half hour, you can read this clever journal about the search for inner peace. George Harrison would have loved it. Millions would.

Free downloads are gems in this "gimme-gimme-gimme" society. Download this book for a smile, a glimpse of beauty, and most of all, for the seed it will plant. That, I believe, is the message hidden between the lines. But make your own best guess. It will be worth it.

Click here to download the book for free!

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Published June 20, 2013

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