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Liverpool celebrates The City That Rocked the World

by Colin Eaton, Special Beatles News Liverpool Reporter

After five years of hard work, a special screening last night of the film "The City That Rocked the World" at the Liverpool Philharmonic Theatre enthralled an audience of over eighty five music legends and many VIP's and guests from the world of music.

Lord Mayor Councillor Gary Millar and Bill Harry introducing the screening

The audience watched spellbound as the film took them through the golden era of Mersey beat from the fifties right through the sixties and right up to the present day. It was a film that, while mentioning the huge impact of the Beatles, showed that there was so much more to the Merseybeat scene.

From the beginning, the impact of Liverpool fifties musicians and American music brought over by the US air force personnel based at Burtonwood and sailors docking in Liverpool had on those then young Liverpool musicians.

The film succeeds in showing that Liverpool was the birthplace of pop music and that this legacy has continued to flow long after the golden era of Merseybeat. Garry Popper, the producer, explained that "Even today there are over two thousand bands playing in Liverpool."

Although the film was two hours long, Garry explained, "Roger Appleton so effectively masterminded the film, but the problem with interviewing so many people is that once you get past the hundred mark, you can't possibly squeeze them all into a two hour film and this is why the DVD will be twice as long in order to get everybody in. There are plans to produce a follow on but it will be a totally different format, a series is being planned and it has to be a series because actually the storyline is quite unique."

Billy Kinsey performs at the after show party

The film was produced by Garry Popper, Associate Producers Bill Harry and Dave Pichiling, and Directed by Roger Appleton.

I would definitely view this film again and I look forward to reviewing the DVD when it is expected to be released in early 2014 in the USA and worldwide thereafter.

Published August 2, 2013

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