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Play reveals how Paul got Fixing a Hole from Mal Evans

by Colin Eaton in Liverpool

The play "Beatle Mal," based on Beatles roadie Mal Evans, was performed for one night only in Liverpool, Sept 28th, at the Lantern theatre in Liverpool. In the play, it is revealed how Paul got the name for the song "Fixing a Hole" on the Sgt. Peppers album when one day the Beatles longtime roadie and insider Mal Evans looked up at the roof and noticed a hole in the ceiling, and said "there's a hole in the roof!"

Nik Wood-Jones brings the 5th, (or is he the 6th Beatle?) back to life in this interesting touching funny one man show. Beatles' pal Mal Evans is remembered by Beatles fans for his cameo appearance in the film "Help!" as the extremely tall Nordic channel swimsuit clad swimmer who emerges from an ice hole during the Alps ski scene and at the end of the film on the beach in Bermuda, and asking for directions to the "White Cliffs of Dover".

Nik Wood Jones as Beatle Mal

The play "Beatle Mal" starts with Nik Wood Jones as Mal making his entrance soaked through as though he had just emerged from the sea after his part in the film "Help." He then took the audience, whose attention never wavered, from his start with the Beatles through the years he assisted as Road Manager, describing their rise to stardom, the times they met up with Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley and their latter years through to the break-up in 1969.

A particularly interesting part of the play was when he described the time spent with Paul as his housekeeper. One day they were both upstairs and Paul was playing the piano and singing anything that Mal was saying. As Mal was looking around the room he noticed a hole in the ceiling and said "there's a hole in the roof!" Paul sang "I'm fixing a hole where the rain get's in...." Of course the rest is history.

The play takes account of Mal Evans' life through his the Fabs and after the Beatles, right up to his fatal shooting by in Los Angeles in 1976, where the play came to its finale. As Mal Evans, Nik Wood-Jones made a convincing character as the loyal and loveable "Roadie" who was so important to the Beatles for all those years.

Beatle Mal continues its current tour in Ireland until 8th Nov 2013 and is well worth viewing.

For more info about actor Nik Wood Jones and the show "Beatle Mal," visit

Published September 30, 2013

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