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New book reveals Lennon never forced to choose between mum and dad

by Katie Hickox in San Francisco

Acclaimed Beatles historian and author Mark Lewisohn broke so much new ground about the Beatles with his new book "Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years" during his appearance Friday evening Nov 1st at the San Francisco Bloomingdale store, that it seemed the earth shook and in fact the floor felt like it was moving during his talk.

Mr. Lewisohn has changed the course of Beatles history in the groundbreaking first volume, "Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years," that goes places no other Beatles book has ever gone before. The new book changes the way you see the Beatles in so many ways by providing the real truth about four very real individuals and their manager Brian Epstein and record producer Sir George Martin, that you'll never see them the same way you did before.

Lewisohn gave an excellent in-depth introduction to his new book before a spellbound audience at the San Francisco Bloomingdale store last night, which was the last stop on the US book tour for Bloomingdales, which recently launched a British and Beatles inspired line of clothing as part of Lewisohn's recent two week book signing tour in the US.

Mark Lewisohn in San Francisco on Friday

His research is extraordinary because he was able to get access to and interview many individuals who knew the Beatles from the early sixties who had never been interviewed before and were unknown to Beatles fans; unfortunately, many of those interviewed by Lewisohn for the very first time have now died, so their stories are being told for the very first time like Pat Moran, the Beatles first fan, and Neil Aspinall.

Aspinall, the former President of Apple for nearly 40 years, who had even refused to be interviewed while he was working for Apple, only agreed to be interviewed by Lewisohn for the first time after he had resigned; unfortunately Aspinall tragically died a few months after Lewisohn's first interview.

Lewisohn also discovered and interviewed Pat Moran before she passed away. Pat was still fondly remembered by Paul McCartney because she used to bring a weekly wicker basket of food on Sunday to the Beatles, and also used to slip a pound note into her letters to Paul when he was in Hamburg because the early Beatles were struggling financially for many years before being discovered by Manager Brian Epstein. Pat, a Catholic schoolgirl from Wallasey near Liverpool, was unfairly punished by her father for attending Beatles gigs and being a devoted fan.

Another important figure was Billy Hall, who was a close mate of Alf Lennon, John's father, because Hall witnessed what really happened when little five year old John Lennon was staying with his father Alf at Hall's parents' house in Blackpool, and then was taken back to Liverpool by his mum, Julia. Author Mark Lewisohn tracked Hall down in New Zealand and travelled all the way to New Zealand just to be able to interview Billy Hall who passed away recently in August 2013. No one, no Beatles researcher/author/historian had ever interviewed Billy Hall except Mark Lewisohn, which underscores why this new book "Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years" is such a must read book for any Beatles fan.

The new book provides answers for questions long asked by Beatles fans, such as why former Beatles drummer Pete Best was "fired" by the Beatles. Lewisohn's writing, his love of research and his willingness to spend long periods of time at musty library archives to dig up old newspaper articles and records, and also locate important interviewees before they die, raises the bar for any new books written about the Beatles. In the book, he answers the questions, "Who were the Beatles?" and "How did they do it?" by writing as a historian the quintessential biography of not only four men, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star, but also about Brian Epstein and George Martin.

As Lewisohn points out, even the ordering of the first names "John, Paul, George and Ringo," shows the natural progression of how the Beatles formed a band, because John was always the leader in any band he started up. Hence it was John who first met and invited Paul into the Beatles, then Paul in turn who brought George into the Beatles, and finally George brought Ringo into the band. Changing the way the first names of the Beatles are forever thought about, amazingly, something so simple, the ordering of their first names, becomes so very significant.

Mark's next appearance in the US will be at the upcoming Fest for Beatles Fans in New York City, February 7-9, which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles visit to the US.

Mark Lewisohn's new book "Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years" changes the way you see the Beatles in so many ways by providing the real truth about four very real individuals and their manager Brian Epstein and record producer George Martin.

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Published November 2, 2013

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