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First fully signed White Album expected to auction for over 100k

An American 1968 stereo pressing of "The Beatles" LP, commonly referred to as the "The White Album", autographed by all four Beatles on the inner gatefold, will go up for auction next Friday, November 22, with on-line bidding at

This autographed White Album is the rarest fully signed Beatles album ever to be publicly auctioned.

The autographs are undoubtedly one of the finest sets ever to appear on a signed Beatles album. The formation of each signature is virtually perfect, they are extremely fluid, bold and vivid. It is a large, attractively spaced set of signatures. John Lennon and Paul McCartney have signed in black pen with John adding self portraits of himself and Yoko Ono, he has also dated his autograph "Dec 73". George Harrison and Ringo Starr have signed in blue pen.

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This highly attractive set of autographs have been signed on what many consider to be The Beatles greatest work. Autographed Beatles albums are amongst the rarest types of signed Beatles items. During 1962/1963, the period in which The Beatles signed most frequently in order to please their fans, the most usual surface upon which the group's signatures were obtained was on a page in an autograph book. Beatles LPs and photos etc were more unwieldy and less easy to carry to concerts. Hence, few were autographed.

The most commonly signed album was the UK Please Please Me album, followed by the group's second UK album, With The Beatles. Following these two 1963 releases autographed Beatles albums become increasingly scarce as John, Paul, George and Ringo generally became less interested in signing autographs.

Mid-period albums such as Beatles For Sale, Help! and Rubber Soul are very rarely seen autographed by the group. Only a handful of Sgt. Pepper L.P.s were autographed, signed Beatles albums from The Beatles' "studio years" are becoming increasingly desirable because they are increasing in value faster than any other type of collectively signed Beatles item. An attractively signed copy of Sgt. Peppers recently reached $290,500.00 in a U.S.A. auction, double its prevailing retail value.

However, it is the late period Beatles albums - the White Album, Abbey Road and Let It Be - which are the scarcest of all signed Beatle albums. American albums autographed by the group are far more rare than their English counterparts, only around 12 signed U.S.A. LPs bearing the autographs of John, Paul, George and Ringo are known to exist. Until this signed copy of the White Album was discovered in a private collection, a genuine autographed example of this L.P had never seen anywhere in the public domain. Given its supreme rarity and desirability, together with the impressive condition of the signatures, it is believed that bidding could quite realistically surpass the 60,000.00 to b80,000.00 estimate placed on the item.

The album comes with both a Tracks Ltd. and Frank Caiazzo certificates of authenticity. The signatures are supported by a lifetime guarantee of authenticity and a full money back warranty.

In addition, a pair of Beetle cufflinks worn by John Lennon will also be up for auction. The cuff links feature a gold beetle with a red jewel representing the back of the beetle. They were worn by John in early 1963, he can be seen in photos wearing the cuff links on several occasions in 1963.

For more information, and to register to bid, visit the auctioneer's official website at

Published November 15, 2013

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