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Beatles author to speak at GRAMMY Museum Mississippi symposium

Dr. Candy Leonard, sociologist and author of Beatleness: How the Beatles and Their Fans Remade The World, will be discussing her book at the new Cleveland, MS GRAMMY Museum Mississippi's first Beatles Symposium, "From Cavern to Candlestick," 1-2 April 2016.

Based on hundreds of hours of in-depth fan interviews, Leonard's Beatleness is the first sociological analysis of the impact of the Beatles and their music at both the individual and cultural level, and shows how the interplay of demographics, technology, music, and politics resulted in the cultural shifts of the 1960s.

Dr. Candy Leonard

Candy will open Day Two of the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi and Delta State Symposium with a presentation on the key findings of her research, followed by a panel discussion with first-generation fans. She will be available throughout the two-day event to meet and chat with Beatles fans, to answer questions, and to sign her book.

The GRAMMY Museum Mississippi is proud to announce the premiere release of Beatleness in paperback during the symposium. To commemorate this event, Leonard will sign, date, and number only the first 25 copies of the First Edition, collectible paperbacks.

GRAMMY Museum Mississippi in Cleveland, MS

According to Leonard, "The Beatles became a unique source of emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual nurturance in the lives of millions of Baby Boomers in the nineteen sixties, creating a relationship between artist and audience that had never existed before. Even after a half-century of Beatles scholarship, talking to fans and looking at the familiar story through their eyes adds to our understanding of the entire phenomenon."

Beatleness is essentially a "Beatle-centric" cultural history of the 1960s, allowing readers to experience-or re-experience-what it was like to hear and watch The Beatles evolve in real time, and to see how The Beatles and their music both fueled and reflected the social upheaval of the era.

Leonard says that at age seven, when she saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan and the Beatlemania that followed, she had the sense that she was both experiencing and witnessing something extraordinary. "They filled us with a unique kind of joy, and immediately became the focal point of our young lives. Millions of men and women, now in their fifties and sixties, say they were transformed by the experience of growing up with The Beatles. It was an extraordinary thing that happened, and it's hard to explain to those who weren't there. Readers are thanking me for telling the story."

Tickets for the entire weekend's events (including presentations by six Beatles experts and authors, three Beatles artists, a Beatles tribute band, and more) are only $35 a person. Delta State University will also be sponsoring activities and events centered on The Beatles for this event.

For more information on those activities, call 662-441-0100 or go to the Beatles 2016: From Cavern to Candlestick website.

For tickets to the "Cavern to Candlestick" Beatles Symposium in Mississippi, go to GRAMMY Museum Mississippi's Facebook Page or GRAMMY Museum Mississippi's website.

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Published February 4, 2016

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