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Unique art collections to highlight Beatles at the Ridge Festival

Walnut Ridge, Arkansas -- Two exquisite collections will be on hand at 2016's Beatles at the Ridge Festival, taking place September 16-17 in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas: The Argenta Collection, and Ken Orth's "Meet the Look-Alikes."

Ken Orth, an avid Beatles art collector for 30 years, has accumulated over 1,800 pieces of commercial artwork that resemble a Beatles album cover. In homage to the Fab Four, Orth has diligently searched all over the world for any latter-day piece of art similar to one of The Beatles' original LP covers, from Please Please Me to Let it Be, and has assembled these into an incredible exhibit. His Sgt. Pepper tribute works alone number 280 pieces.

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Ken Orth Collection

This one-of-a-kind tribute to the artistry of The Beatles has shown at the Penn State "Beatles International Symposium," the GRAMMY Museum(R) Mississippi Beatles Symposium, at past Beatles at the Ridge festivals, and in galleries such as the Ashmore in Savannah, GA. Now, Orth is bringing his extensive collection back to the Ridge for this year's festivities. He will be giving a walking tour, followed by a coffee and Q&A, on Saturday morning, September 17 starting at 9 a.m.

The Argenta Collection, a compilation of nearly 230 Beatles photographs and images, will also be on display at Beatles at the Ridge. Most of the photos were taken by news reporters with film cameras in the 1960s, and many were kept in archives and not published until recently.

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Argenta Collection

Arkansas-based Retro Images Archive originally composed the collection for the Argenta Arts Foundation in North Little Rock in 2014. After being displayed there, the foundation donated the entire collection to Downtown Walnut Ridge, Inc.

"This is likely the largest such collection in the world, and that is no hype. The collection really is that massive," Charles Snapp, director of Beatles at the Ridge, said of Argenta. "This is a tremendous gift to Downtown Walnut Ridge, and we plan to make the most of it."

The entire collection will be on display September 16-17 at The Studio, an event center at the corner of Main Street and Abbey Road in Walnut Ridge, as part of the Artists & Authors Symposium, which has become a major component of the Beatles at the Ridge festival.

To see more of Orth's collection, check it out on YouTube or visit his Meet the Look-Alikes page on Facebook.

For more information on the festival, visit or contact Charles Snapp at

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Published July 25, 2016

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