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Beatles music scholar debuts new journal-style book

Full-time Beatles music scholar and author Aaron Krerowicz has just released his fourth book, Days in the Life, co-written with his father, John Krerowicz, about their life on the road.

"My previous books were more along the 'academic' lines," says Aaron. "Days in the Life is a conscious counter to that style."

Days in the Life follows Aaron and John as they toured through seven U.S. states across the South and West, while Aaron gave presentations on The Beatles at each stop. The father and son duo maintained daily journals, documenting their travels and including considerable talk about the band, and even their other interests: baseball and birding.

"I usually like traveling on my own, but for this trip, sharing the time with Aaron made it more enjoyable," says John, a retired journalist. "We have some differing interests for sure, but we definitely share a profound love for both travel and good music."

Despite being born 15 years after the band broke up, Aaron Krerowicz maintains a career as a full-time professional Beatles music scholar. Krerowicz decided last year to dedicate his career to researching and lecturing about The Beatles on a full-time basis.

Aaron is still touring the USA giving presentations on many subjects related to the band. He will be making appearances at The Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago on August 12 and 13, and at the Beatles at the Ridge festival in Walnut Ridge, AR on September 16 and 17. A complete list of his presentation topics and dates is available at AaronKrerowicz.com.

Aaron's first book, The Beatles & The Avant-Garde, was published in late 2014; his second, The Beatles: Band of the Sixties, was released as a Kindle ebook in April 2015; and third, From The Shadow of JFK: The Rise of Beatlemania in America, was released in early June 2015. His books are available on Amazon.

You can connect with Aaron Krerowicz on Facebook at Aaron Krerowicz, Beatles Scholar & Author, and on Twitter and Instagram at @AaronKrerowicz.

Published August 8, 2016

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