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New beatles-themed book slated for release at Beatles festival

Walnut Ridge, Arkansas -- Lanea Stagg, author of The Recipe Records Series of rock'n'roll cookbooks, including Recipe Records: A Culinary Tribute to The Beatles, will be releasing a new Beatles-themed coloring book to be available for sale at the Ridge festival, September 15-16.

"Little Dog at the Ridge" will follow the adventures of Ava, Stagg's famous "Little Dog," as she gets lost in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, where The Beatles landed on their 1964 North American tour. "Little Dog" will try to find her way home past the huge iron Beatles Abbey Road sculpture in downtown Walnut Ridge, past the "Imagine" Beatles gift shop, and past the gigantic welded guitar that dominates the town square.

Lanea Stagg and her "Little Dog" Ava

To help Ava "on [her] way home," Stagg is asking for some extra assistance from Beatles fans across the universe! She is asking for any teen or adult artists over age 14 to create the line drawings for the book as Lennonesque style artwork that may function as coloring book pages. Stagg is offering eight prizes for the best art entries and will publish the artwork from those fans in the book.

"Fans can draw pictures of Ava at the Beatles at the Ridge concert with Louise Harrison's 'Liverpool Legends' on stage. Or they could draw pictures of Saturday's British car show or sketch Ava sitting on the "Imagine" piano on Main Street. There are so many images on the Beatles at the Ridge website and Facebook page that artists will have a hard time choosing!" Lanea smiled.

"And to make things even better," she stated, "our Little Dog at the Ridge project will also generate $1 per book sale for the Lawrence County School District Food Backpack program."

Prizes for the eight best original works of art will be awarded in The Venue on Main Street on Friday night, 15 September, just after Bruce Spizer's talk on the 50th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper. "And we'll display all entries in Lanea's contest in The Venue, Main Street, where our Beatles experts will be speaking on Friday night and all day Saturday," Mayor Charles Snapp commented.

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Little Dog at the Ridge by Angie Stark

Lanea has already selected the first of 8 winners, Little Dog at the Ridge by Angie Stark. It depicts "Little Dog" atop Walnut Ridge's replica of the Yellow Submarine which is located on the corner of Main Street and Abbey Road.

The theme for the Beatles at the Ridge Authors and Artists Symposium 2017 is "The Summer of Love: 50 Years of Sgt. Pepper." "Stagg's encouragement to artists to create original pieces based on Beatles images is perfect for that creative atmosphere," symposium director, Jude Kessler, said. "We can't wait to see where people, via their drawings, will imaginatively place Lanea's 'Little Dog,' and personally, I can't wait to find out how the spirit of The Beatles will lead to Ava's safe return!"

To find out more about the art contest for Little Dog at the Ridge go to the Recipe Records Facebook page, or to the Beatles at the Ridge Facebook page.

To find out more about Recipe Records Cookbooks, go to To find out more about Beatles at the Ridge, you can also go to

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Published May 8, 2017

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