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John A. Logan College awards inaugural Imagine Scholarship

Savannah Jennings, a Johnston City high school senior, was awarded the first-ever "Imagine Scholarship" to John A. Logan College in Illinois.

"I grew up listening to my parents playing music by The Beatles," Jennings said. "As a baby, my dad would put me in my swing and put on Strawberry Fields Forever. By the time that the song was finished, I had fallen asleep for my nap."

Savannah Jennings accepting the Imagine Scholarship

John A. Logan College offers the scholarship to a senior from one of its public/private in-district high schools. The scholarship is a $500 award towards tuition/fee costs for the students first full-time fall semester matriculating straight from high school.

The award procedure includes letters of reference, high school transcripts, and a written essay. The essay topic is "Embodying the spirit of the 1960's (a great sense of possibilities of what you can achieve)." Students are asked to write the essay on how the scholarship can help them fulfill their college/future educational goals.

"Savannah's essay personified what we were looking for in a scholarship recipient, a student looking toward the future in search of dreams for success," said Lauralyn Cima, a member of the selection committee for the award. "She appears to recognize that hard work lay ahead, but the effort will be well worth it."

John A. Logan College is a community college in Carterville, Illinois, part of the Illinois Community College System. As of 2016, it had total enrollment of 4,424 students, including 1,990 full-time students and 2,434 part-time students.

The Imagine Scholarship Fund through John A. Logan College is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible and go a long way in helping students reach their educational dreams. Details on how to apply and the actual scholarship application can be found at

"I am so excited to begin my college career!" Jennings said.

Published June 12, 2017

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