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New Beatles book is a Rosetta Stone to their hit recordings

Musician, recording engineer and producer Jerry Hammack has released The Beatles Recording Reference Manual, a new book that reveals the secrets behind the recording of the band's first four albums, which is the first of a four-volume set. The second volume is due out in early 2018.

"I've spent the last eight years working hard to get this story right," said Hammack. "I realized that no one had followed the creation of The Beatles' catalogue from first take to final remix, or had given a full accounting of both the work involved and the tools required to create it. My goal was to definitively fill in that blank in their history."

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Long mired in myth and confusion, the story of how The Beatles recorded their classic hits is traced in The Beatles Recording Reference Manuals. Engineer Richard Langham, who witnessed the band recording the majority of their Please Please Me album at EMI Abbey Road Studios in one marathon session on February 11th, 1963, in addition to being in the room for dozens more, has a simple credo: Ask the people that were there.

On Hammack's new book, Langham states, "Jerry's exhaustive research was properly done. By actually talking to the people who were there, he has created a Rosetta Stone to the Beatles recordings."

Edited by critically acclaimed music author Gillian G. Gaar, The Beatles Recording Reference Manual - Volume 1 - "My Bonnie" through "Beatles For Sale" (1961-1964) includes song-by-song descriptions of the entire recording process, diagrams allowing readers to follow the critical milestones of the work, detailed session-by-session breakdowns of the people, instruments and studio tools used, and useful appendices covering release versions, gear, and more. Bibliographical references provide a pathway for additional scholarship derived from Hammack's relentless research across countless book, audio, photographic, and other sources.

Jerry Hammack has dedicated 35 years to the musical arts and is uniquely qualified to sort out the story of The Beatles' recordings. From his home in Toronto, Canada, he explains, "I'd be working on a session and an artist would ask for McCartney's bass sound on "Sgt. Pepper", or Clapton's solo guitar sound on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", and while I could eventually track down the particulars that brought those sounds to life for them, it required a lot of detective work sorting through outdated, or even worse, unsubstantiated misinformation on the topic. As The Beatles' influence is as present now as it's ever been, I thought it was important to put those questions to rest."

An essential companion for any Beatles fan or scholar, the book can be purchased on Amazon or at

You can connect with the author on social media on Twitter @beatles_ref_man or on Facebook at "The Beatles Recording Reference Manual".

Published November 3, 2017

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