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Author releases Volume 2 of Beatles Recording Reference Manual

Musician, recording engineer and producer Jerry Hammack has just released volume 2 of The Beatles Recording Reference Manual - a book that reveals the secrets behind the recording of some of the band's most famous albums. It is the second of what will be a four-volume set.

In January, volume 1 was nominated for an Award of Excellence from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC). The new book picks up where the first left off, covering "Help!", "Rubber Soul", and "Revolver" (1965-1966).

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"This period in The Beatles' development is really fascinating," says Hammack. "It's a time where the demands of Beatlemania end and they are able to explore both from a songwriting and recording perspective. It represents the emergence of their unique voices as writers (think, 'In My Life') as well as their use of the studio to create sounds the world would never expect from a pop band (as in 'Tomorrow Never Knows')."

Long mired in myth and confusion, the story of how The Beatles recorded their classic hits is traced from first take to final remix in The Beatles Recording Reference Manuals.

Ken Townsend, long-time EMI Studios engineer who worked with The Beatles said, "When I walked down the staircase from the Control Room of Studio Two at Abbey Road on the 6th of June 1962 to meet The Beatles for the very first time on their artist test I had absolutely no idea what was to follow. It has been quite an interesting journey! Hammack's books provide an accurate view into the work that brought The Beatles' classic songs to life."

Edited by critically acclaimed music author Gillian G. Gaar, The Beatles Recording Reference Manual - Volume 2 - "Help!" through "Revolver" (1965-1966) includes song-by-song descriptions of the entire recording process, diagrams allowing readers to follow the critical milestones of the work, detailed session-by-session breakdowns of the people, instruments and studio tools used, and useful appendices covering release versions, gear, and more. Bibliographical references provide a pathway for additional scholarship derived from Hammack's relentless research across countless book, audio, photographic, and other sources.

Jerry Hammack has dedicated 35 years to the musical arts and is uniquely qualified to sort out the story of The Beatles' recordings. From his home in Toronto, Canada, he explains, "Understanding how The Beatles put these songs together can open a whole new world for fans, engineers and producers. My goal is to share this knowledge, increase the appreciation of their accomplishments and hopefully open the door to a new experience for those who love the band like I do."

An essential companion for any Beatles fan, scholar, student, or music professional, the book can be purchased at or on Amazon. You can connect with the author on social media on Twitter @beatles_ref_man or on Facebook at The Beatles Recording Reference Manual.

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Published February 19, 2018

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