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Beatles podcast to host live Beatles at the Ridge show

The knowledgeable and vivacious podcast duo of Allison Boron and Erika White, "BC The Beatles," will be front and center at Beatles at the Ridge's 7th Annual Symposium, Sept. 20-21, 2019. These extremely popular Beatles podcast hosts will be busy throughout the weekend interviewing each of BATR's featured guests for future podcasts, but they will also host a "live on-air" podcast directly from The Studio, Main Street, Walnut Ridge. Jude Southerland Kessler and Lanea Stagg, co-chairs for the BATR Symposium, recently chatted with Boron and White to "get the scoop" on "BC The Beatles" and their exciting plans for Beatles at the Ridge.

Kessler: Allison, we're so excited to have "BC The Beatles" at our Beatles at the Ridge Symposium this year. Please give us "the scoop" on how your podcast came to be. And what's your show's theme?

Erika and I met several years ago through a "blogazine" I started called "REBEAT," which focuses on mid-century music and pop culture. She already had a fantastic blog called "And We Love Them," and she wanted to contribute Beatles-related articles to "REBEAT," too. Obviously, being two massive and unapologetic Beatles nerds, we bonded pretty quickly and started hanging out in real life since we both (at that time) lived in Brooklyn. Since then, I've moved to Los Angeles, but we've co-moderated panels at the Fest for Beatles Fans over the past few years while brainstorming about this podcast, which was born last July. The overarching theme of the show is, of course, The Beatles and the second- and third-generation fan experience, which Erika will go into!

Allison Boron

Stagg: And Erika, how did you come up with "BC The Beatles" for your podcast name? Give us the back story.

Well, we chose a name that would convey both who we are—second/third generation fans—while also conveying what we like to discuss. Our main topic is The Beatles, of course, but we also touch on anything and everything that has happened because of The Beatles...or, because The Beatles. That includes the vast universe of contributors to The Beatles' story; the artists and scholars who came up under their influence; the historical events The Beatles influenced; and of course, the ever-growing fan community, likely the largest fandom in the history of pop culture (fight me, Star Wars fans!). So "Because the Beatles," shortened to "BC the Beatles," telegraphs both parts of what we hope to offer the fan community: a podcast about The Beatles and anything Beatles-adjacent, hosted by two second-generation fans who developed their fandom in the digital age.

Erika White

Stagg: To you both...in the year and a half that you've been airing "BC The Beatles," who have been your three "most thrilling" guests thus far? And why, of course? You can each pick three! Go for it!

Hard question! We've been so lucky to have incredible guests on our show, and I've got to say one of the best guests, hands down, was BATR's own Jude Southerland Kessler. She appeared on our John Lennon birthday episode, where we discussed "John Lennon: Sinner or Saint," and got to the core of some of the most controversial, widely-held beliefs about John. Jude's picture of John is so nuanced and humanizing, and the discussion illuminated the many facets of this fascinating and complex man.

Another fabulous guest was Candy Leonard, the author of Beatleness, a history of the first-generation fandom seen through a sociological lens. One of our primary interests is the Beatles fandom, and Candy offered so many interesting insights on how and why the fan community developed as it did, with special emphasis on the difference between male and female fans.

Finally, there's Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone contributor and author of Dreaming the Beatles: The Love Story of One Band and the Whole World. We host a Book Club series as part of the podcast, and Rob joined us to discuss his book. His stories are fascinating, and his enthusiasm is contagious! And as a fellow second-gen fan, I personally had an amazing time "geeking out" over some of the books and films that started us both on our Beatles obsession as kids!

And one more special shout-out to the fabulous Leslie Cavendish, the Beatles' hairdresser, who was our very first interview on the show. His book, The Cutting Edge, is incredible, and he's such a great guy. He even cut Allison's bangs at the last Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans!

Kessler: Okay, so what sort of "live broadcast" will you be doing in Walnut Ridge on Sept. 20-21? Will you also do additional interviews that weekend for later shows? Will attendees be a part of your recordings that day? Should we practice our radio voices???

Well, we're still in the planning stages for our episode, but we're planning on discussing The Beatles' history in the region, focusing on the time and events surrounding the '64 tour and the Beatles' visit to the Pigman Ranch. We even unearthed a negative from the Pigman Ranch photo shoot, so I'll be sure to bring that with us! We'll be broadcasting our live show on our podcast feed, so we want to make sure our fanbase knows about this unique festival—and wants to be there with us!

And yes! We'll be asking attendees about their connection to the Beatles' fan community, and hope to get interviews with the other guests for upcoming episodes. Basically, we want to make the most of our time at the Ridge and are SO excited — we can hardly wait for September!

To learn more about "B.C. The Beatles" go to www.bcthebeatles.com or follow Erika and Allison on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bcthebeatles/

To learn more about Beatles at the Ridge, SEPT 20-21, go to www.beatlesattheridge.com or join in the fun and news on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BeatlesAtTheRidge/

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Published May 17, 2019

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