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Beatles fans can now enter Strawberry Fields

New Strawberry Fields Center opens to the public starting September 14th 2019

by Katie Hickox, Beatles News Liverpool correspondent

Strawberry Fields Honorary President Julia Baird, John Lennon's sister, recently gave an impassioned presentation asking Beatles fans to come visit and support the new Strawberry Fields center that is opening to the public on September 14, 2019 at the 2019 International Beatleweek in the Adelphi Hotel main ballroom before a packed audience.

(Photo by Stuart Homer)

Julia says the gates are finally being opened for the first time to the public to visit Strawberry Fields, a place where her older brother John Lennon as a young boy would seek solace and comfort when he would climb over the fence to play with other young children who lived in the original Strawberry Fields' children's home run by Salvation Army.

Come see the new Strawberry Fields center where John used to play in the gardens. Visit a new interactive exhibition that has been developed by former Beatles Story Director Jerry Goldman that explores the history of Strawberry Fields and how John Lennon came to write a song about it and why it was important to him.

Julia says that "Strawberry Fields was a very special place for John" where he could play in the gardens, climbing trees and visit with other children. She believes that John would be pleased to see that Strawberry Fields has been transformed into a new training hub that is "giving young people with disabilities a chance to develop a trade and become self-supporting."

Strawberry Fields Salvation Army's Mission Director, Kathy Versfeld, says that "Strawberry Fields is opening soon...(on September 14th), so come visit and help support these young people getting started in the 'Steps to Work' program. ...This is a must see attraction for any Beatles fan." Beatles fans have been visiting the Strawberry Fields gates for over 50 years, only to find the gates locked and now the gates are finally opening to the public.

The Strawberry Fields center features not only an onsite training hub, but also a café, gift shop, visitor exhibition, and gardens featuring unique stone benches from the original Strawberry Fields grand house built in the 1870's.

The first tour group to visit the Strawberry Fields center for the first time was made up of Beatles fans from one of the oldest Beatles tour groups, The Magical History Tour, and were thrilled to be given a sneak preview of the center and tour the grounds during International Beatleweek 2019.

50 young people aged between 18 and 25 with learning disabilities are being given an opportunity in the "Steps To Work" program, click here to learn a new trade and to get valuable on the job experience in several different industries.

Shown above are some of the young people who are enrolled in "Steps to Work" at the Adelphi Hotel (photo taken from Facebook Strawberry Fields Centre).

Your visit Strawberry Fields will help support these young people so come visit!

For more information on planning your visit to Strawberry Fields center, go to

For more information on The Magical History Tour to Liverpool & London, organized by Charles Rosenay, visit

For more info about Julia Baird, visit

Published September 11, 2019

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